Photo by: Desmond Ho

Giant Sea Bass

The Giant Sea Bass Project seeks to recover natural history of one of the appex predators in the Kelp Forests of the California Current System: the Giant Sea Bass (GSB; Stereolepis gigas). For a good part of the 1900´s, GSB were an important fishery in California. The intense fishing pressure drove down ints population to the brink of extinction, and the species was protected in 1981. However, in Baja California (Mexico) it is still allowed to fish for this species. This gives us the opportunity to obtain biological samples that further our understanding of the species.

GSB landings
Giant Sea Bass landings ("Arribos") by the U.S. fleet from Mexican and U.S. waters

Work in progress includes:


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PDF Project

. Searching for the Giants of the Kelp Forest in Mexican Waters: the Giant Sea Bass. Mediterranews. DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.23098.70089, 2017.

PDF Project